Spring Concert Music

Concert Orchestra

Wave Dancer

Remember Me (Coco)

Camerata Orchestra


Fire In the Bow

Chamber Orchestra


Little Sunflower

New World Symphony

All-District Music

La Mariposa

Can’t Help Falling in Love

The Incredibles

Orpheus from the Underworld (Can Can)


Butterflies in the Night


Fall 2017 Concert Orchestra Music

The Avengers – Silverstri (Both Chamber & Sinfonia)

Ablaze – Bernotas

La Paloma – arranged by Vargas

Jurassic Park Theme – Williams

Fall 2017 Chamber Orchestra Music

Jurassic Park Theme – Williams

Symphony No. 8 “Unfinished”, First Movement – Franz Schubert

Reverie for String Orchestra – James Corigliano

Highland Celebration – Silva

The Avengers – Silverstri (Both Chamber & Sinfonia)

Fantasia on a Theme from Thailand


City of Stars

Spring 2016 All-District Music

Suo Gan, Traditional arr. by Larry Clark

Pirates of the Caribbean

Fantasia on a Theme from Thailand

The Incredibles

Spring 2016 Festival Music

Miraj, by Richard Meyer

Arioso, by Michael Hopkins

Winter 2016 Concert Music

Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen

Jingle Bell Rock, arr. by Mr. Roberts

Fall 2016Concert Music

Melody from Scheherazade: Rimsky-Korsakov; arr. Robert, Frost

March of the Lions: Camille Saint-Saens; arr. Halfterty

El Toro; Don Brubaker

Terra Nova Richard Meyer

Rondo from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: W.A. Mozart; arr. Gruselle

Alice in Wonderland: Danny Elfman; arr. Kazik

Aspen Glow: Susan Day

Youth Dance: Albert Wang

Our Core Values

We Value Music

We believe in fostering an environment that supports music education and learning. Music enriches students’ lives and encourages personal and academic growth. “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” ~Plato

We Pursue Excellence

Growth and development occurs when one sets out to do more than is merely expected or required. Our pursuit of excellence is about continually striving to improve and placing the bar higher. We seek to be motivated, committed to purposeful practice, and to use our abilities and opportunities to their fullest.